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6 Mar 2019 - MoDBO 3.0
To make sure everything works well
MoDBO 3.0 starts 16.03.2019!
16:00 CET

We are really sorry for the delay.

MoDBO 3.0 Client : Click Here

This time we focused on vocations and weapons and also few changes in map.

Changes in weapons/vocations:
- Every single vocation was checked and balanced (spells,melee damage).
- Attack Speed Band since now have stable damage between 100-150 (it is good to exp with on low level).
- Fist Fighting skill was changed,now it is stable,that means you can not skill fist fighting anymore.
Since now without weapon your character will deal random small-middle damage.
- Now meele damage are stable and depeneds on: Skills,Level and Weapon Attack.
- Gloves does not deal random damage anymore (it was from 1 damage to 100% of maximum possible damage).
Since now minimum damage dealt by glove is 85% of maximum possible damage dealt.
- Maximum Attack Speed skill was changed from 100 to 125 (it was to easy to get maximum attack speed).

Changes in Map:
- Protecion zone was added in every capsula corporation island,planet.
- Mystic Attack was repaired and works well now.
- New island with a lot of SSJ7 forms (be careful there are spots which you can die on).
- Houses were added in City Center!
- City Center depo was rebuilded.
- Corporation Capsula was also added in depo (few people does not know how to find it...)

- New Client version 3.0 available to download.
- Few graphics changes.
- New payment method which include (BLIK,DotPAY,SOFORT,PaySafeCard).

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